Pretty Clever Pants 

After over 25 years in broadcasting, I decided try my hand at something completely different, and in 2012, I set up my own business Pretty Clever Pants   

It went from a simple idea (aren’t all the best ones?) to a multi award winning brand of smart underwear with a secret waterproof panel, for life's little leaks, giving confidence to women all over the world.


In 2017 I licensed the brand to TV shopping channel High St TV, the company behind health food market leader Nutribullet. HSTV went on to take it worldwide, via their  global tv shopping channel partners, meaning I was free to move on and pursue other things.


It's been an incredible rollercoaster of discovery and learning, pushing me to do things I never thought I could, and like a proud Mum, I wish them all the very best with it.

Never one to sit around, six years later, I've changed direction once more, and am now a fully qualified 

Humanist Celebrant, to find out more, have a look here